In conducting this review, the Home Office would rate the sponsor’s HR systems and processes on a three-point scale (1 being the best score and 3 the worst).

Specifically, they would look at the following five areas:

  • Monitoring immigration status and preventing illegal working
  • Maintaining migrant workers’ contact details
  • Record keeping
  • Migrant tracking and monitoring
  • Recruitment practices and professional accreditations

To maintain an A-rates sponsor licence under the Points Based System, a company would need to receive a 1 or near 1 rating in each of these areas.

We are able to ensure you remain compliant with your duties under the Sponsor Licence System and are able to manage the entire Tier 2 Sponsorship process for you – working with you to ensure a successful A-rated licence is granted and retained. As your legal representatives we can be present during an audit by the Home Office and can even conduct a mock audit of your business in order to ensure you have the correct procedures in place.