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Personal Assistance

An exclusive service offering support for all your needs including VIP access

Your life in the UK will be made easy and unstressful by the discreet support of a skilled and experienced personal assistant who will be on hand to cater to your needs as well as gain you access to highly sought-after events and occasions.

Your personal assistant will be carefully vetted and thoroughly trained, and will be able to offer help with booking, logistics, home management, and so on. Additional services such as gardener, cleaner or child minder will also be available.

Property in the UK

Finding and maintaining the perfect home for you and your family

Britain offers some of the most desirable residential areas anywhere in the world. And beyond London’s exclusive streets, there are stunning homes in the famously picturesque English countryside.

Finding the right home in a different country can be a difficult challenge, particularly if you are keen on finding an outstanding property. This is where UK Elite can help. We will make it simple for you to buy exactly the right property for you.


A choice of world-leading universities and elite schools

The UK is home to the world’s most recognised elite schools and several of its most distinguished universities. UK Elite will advise you on your choices and manage the process of selecting and applying for school, undergraduate and postgraduate education.

The UK is one of the most desirable locations in which to gain an education. Its leading educational establishments are renowned for the quality of the education they offer, their lavish facilities and the extraordinary achievements of their alumni. Names like Eton College and Cambridge University are known and respected the world over.

However, understanding how the UK educational system works, choosing the right educational establishment for your child – or for yourself – and then applying successfully for a place are not simple tasks.

UK Elite will assist you in every step of this process. Our experts will not only explain how the education system works but will help you navigate through it, so you achieve the results you need.

Buying a Car

Sourcing the perfect vehicle for you

Many of our clients have a favourite type of car, and we will always assist you in your purchase, however rare or unusual you preferred vehicle.

When you arrive in the UK one of the most important factors in establishing a new way of life is finding yourself the right transport. We can always arrange a chauffeur-driven car whenever you require one, but our clients generally like to have their own car, one which reflects their taste and ambitions.

You may prefer beautifully designed cars such as Porsche, Range Rover, Alpha Romeo or Mercedes, or if you like the experience of speed and power, you may choose Aston Martin, Maserati or Lamborghini. Other clients prefer classic brands such as Rolls Royce and Bentley, especially given their British origins.

Investing in the UK

Managing your money and forming a company

Since all Tier 1 applications for UK residency require investment in the UK, wealth management and assistance with company formation are important aspects of the UK Elite service.

The more money you can invest in the UK, or the more successful a company you are able to set up or invest in, the quicker you are able to achieve permanent residency. But investing in the UK is not easy to get right without expert advice and help. At UK Elite this is one of our greatest strengths.

We have relationships with some of the UK’s finest FSA regulated brokerages and business transfer agents and are able to facilitate a wide range of investment scenarios. These may include gilts, for low risk investments, FTSE 100 or 250 indexes or securities, and, for clients with entrepreneurial ambitions, direct investments in UK trading companies.

UK Visas & Residence

Making it simple to become a UK resident

The UK is a magnet for ambitious and successful individuals from around the world, but the UK government is restricting numbers of resident visas and focusing on inviting only the best and smartest people. For those with significant financial resources, Tier 1 Investor and Entrepreneur visas are the best way to gain residency.

Applications for Tier 1 Investor and Tier 1 Entrepreneur Investor visas are the most favoured by the UK Border Agency. The full process of becoming a UK resident through these visas normally takes five years, but skilled assistance makes this far easier – and UK Elite will manage this entire process for you, from application to full residency.


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