A Country of Prestige

More exclusive than the US, with a longer and richer history; more original and globally orientated than the rest of Europe: the UK is an ongoing centre for innovation in the arts, finance, science, education, design, software and engineering.

The UK is a natural attractor for the global elites, whether they come from Russia, China, India, South America or elsewhere. It offers a unique, and uniquely stable, vantage point with which to view and participate in developments on the world stage.

  • London is a prestigious location containing several of the world’s most sought-after residential districts
  • The globally most recognised elite schools are located in the UK
  • Several of the world’s top universities are found here
  • UK assets are denominated in the world’s most expensive domestic currency
  • The British countryside is renowned for its landscapes, history and beautiful country houses
  • UK sporting and cultural events are highly visible on the world stage